May 22nd, 2006

war paint

The Sacred Pants of Kaiba

The topic under conversation today shall be...*drum roll* Seto Kaiba's pants. For those of you unfortunate enough to not know him, Seto Kaiba is a character from the anime yugioh. He is a 17 year old CEO of the billion dollar corporation, kaiba corp. He is the king of sarcasm and possesses a heart of ice, only occasionally melted by his adorable little brother (awww) But the aspect of Kaiba we will be focusing on is, of course, those lovely leather pants. He wore them for four out of the five seasons, and no one ever got tired of them. EVER. I quickly went through some pictures to post some that really showed off the pants (I wish I had more time, I don't think these quite do them justice! :( ) So here they are, the wonderful kaiba pants:

See? The pants even allow for crazy kung fu moves!!
(sorry about the links, the image thing wasn't working right for some reason -.- Oh, and it'll probably say that you're not authorized to view the page, but if you hit refresh it should work. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong :/)

I think it should be noted that the only reason me and disdain_ful got through plant anatomy was because we replaced the word parenchyma, with pair-of-kaiba's....pants. Oh who am I kidding, I still don't know what the hell a parenchyma is.

I was hoping that someone would do a post of gackt or hyde's pants, I really don't have enough pictures to portray how amazing they are ^_^ (Think you could help us out shinji? NO ONE has a bigger collection of glorious jrocker pictures ^_^)

Oh! Also, at lunch today, me and disdain_ful were discussing an idea for the community. A tightpants ranking system of sorts. We all post a bunch of pictures of tight pants (the wearer of the pants is completely up to you) and we all rate them! And the winner small eastern european country! (Think you can spare one ka_dono? ^_^)

On a final note, tomorrow disdain_ful is bringing her digital camera to school to take pictures of the great tightpants wearer of GHS. They should be posted shortly ^_^ (There's a great one already of him being tackled by a cop while wearing the pants, I'll see if I can scan that in soon!)

Have a good night, and may the pants be with you!
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