ethereal_onyx (ethereal_onyx) wrote in tightpantism,

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We are desperately in need of an avatar for the community. Anything featuring Kaiba's, Gackt's or real-life Mokuba's pants would be just smashing. Joining is unmoderated, so just clicky clicky. (I've never made a community before, this is fun! ^_^)
If more people start joining (come on, there has GOT to be people that appreciate tight pants other than me and michaela) we'll list some rules to keep things running smoothly, until then...just do whatever. Make sure your posts apply to tight pants and those who wear them. I don't care about swearing. I don't care about being obscene in fact, it's encouraged! I don't care about flames, a little drama is always fun. Just enjoy yourselves and worship the tight pants of love in whatever way you want!
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