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Welcome to the Holy Church of Skintight Pants. Kindly leave your sanity at the door. The purpose of this religion is to worship formfitting pants, and those who wear them. We fully support anyone who wishes to greatly decrease their sperm count with such attire. The influence for this religion is based on the glorious pants of Seto Kaiba, Gackt Camui, and Matt Meteyer. We wholeheartedly believe that such pants will give a man secret powers. In the case of Seto Kaiba, he is able to defy the laws of gravity (note the flailing trenchcoat) age (he looks exactly the same ten years later in GX) and logic (he throws cards at people with guns....that's right, cards.) In the case of Matt Meteyer, aka Mokuba, the pants allow him to outrun law enforcement agents. Yes, he was eventually tackled and nearly man raped but this was all a clever ploy to give his adoring fans a few more glances at the holy tightpants. In the case of Gackt Camui, the pants allow him to defy the laws that bind all mammals. He is capable of...performing, for eight hours straight. They also give him the ability to do a complete split while wearing said skintight pants. Would you like to possess such powers? Then pick up a pair today! And remember, the shinier the better. For best results, try pairing your pants with the millenium bulge and/or millenium hip thrust. If you happen to be female, or just can't pull off the tight pants of love, show your appreciation by giving your soul to joining this community so we all may discuss/share pictures of the pants that make life worth living.

This community will be co-run by disdain_ful, who came up with the idea of bringing our life-altering religion into the world of livejournal.

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